Hi, my name is Carol and I am turning 52 this September. I have a teenage daughter who started a fashion blog of her own so she inspired me to learn more about blogging. I have never been one to keep a journal since I am a private person but, now that I am older, I appreciate the idea of putting one’s thoughts down and connecting with others. 

Lately I have been feeling some pressure to decide what to do during the second half (hopefully!) of my life. I had a career in IT for many years and decided to become a full-time mom when my daughter was three years old. I enjoy being home and not commuting daily to NYC but I miss that part of myself too. Now that she is in high school and will be off to college soon, I will have plenty of time for myself. So, I hope to use blogging as a tool for my own self-discovery.

Thank you for reading!


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