Diets are tough!

Since the lazy summer days are behind me and the usual fall routine has begun, I was able to get back to my usual exercise schedule at my local YMCA. So far so good. However, as usual, I am finding that following a diet is much harder! I ordered one bag of 310 Nutrition meal replacement shakes thinking I can drink one for lunch once a day. I do find lunch to be the most difficult meal as I am either out and about and unprepared for a low calorie meal or I am home and don’t really feel like prepping and cooking veggies and salads! So I did drink a shake for lunch here and there but I do find the taste a little to sweet for my liking.  They are convenient and easy but really I cannot imagine using them long-term.  I have seen great results reported by users on their Facebook page and am happy that so many are succeeding but I do not think it is a good choice for me.

Next up, food journaling. I am always reading about how using a food journal helps so I started logging my weight and meals on the MyFitnessPal app. This is a nice (and free) application although sometimes it can be hard to choose the correct food entry using their search feature. I have logged my meals for the past 9 days but it is discouraging when I see that I exceeded my calorie allotment for the day! This has happened more times than I would like to admit! Trouble is I enjoy eating out and when you eat out the calorie intake is very high even when you try to be good. Of course this is the point of logging the meals in the first place but typically it is also the point in which I decide to STOP logging the meals! But not today…I logged it, felt bad about it, decided to create a blog post about it and move on.  This year I am really trying to stick to the commitments I made for myself. Losing those pesky 10-15 pounds and maintaining this blog as my own personal journal are two goals I hope to reach this year.


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