Recipe Successes and Failures

One of my goals is to go through many of my recipes and see if they are worth keeping. This week I made Honey Lime Chicken Thighs which was a recipe I found and posted on my “Dinner” Pinterest board. This was a quick, healthy, and tasty dinner so it is definitely a keeper! As part of this overall goal, I also wanted to clean out my freezer and refrigerator and try to use some of the items that I have been storing. This morning I saw won-ton wrappers that I purchased last year (!) and granny smith apples that were on their way out. Lo and behold I found a recipe for Fried Apple Pie Rolls. The picture looked great and I had all the ingredients on hand. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the results. I had trouble recreating the long and lean look of the recipe while rolling up the won-tons so mine were all inconsistent and more rounded or squared. The taste, however, is pretty good. My daughter said they tasted good and all they needed was a dipping sauce but that they did not look too appetizing!  Maybe I just need some more practice with the wrappers….

While I do not have grandiose goals such as climbing Mt. Everest or running the NYC Marathon, I am pleased that I am tackling these little goals that I have set for myself. I think blogging about them may also help keep me on track.

Until Next Time,



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