It’s never too late to start!

For many, New Year’s Day is the ideal time to set goals and make resolutions. For me, it’s Labor Day. There’s something about the upcoming fall season and the start of a new school year that makes me want to refresh myself and meet some goals.

Maybe it’s because my 52nd birthday is coming up and I realize that I am getting older and I have yet to tackle the hobbies I wanted to try many years ago: to complete the scrapbooks of my daughter as she enters her senior year in high school, to actually use the various craft kits I purchased, to cook and bake the many recipes I posted on Pinterest or tagged in the myriad of cookbooks I own, to consistently maintain a blog! All of these activities should have been doable and while I started each one of them with gung-ho in the past, somehow my desire and commitment waned over time. Well as a birthday gift to myself, I decided start working steadily towards my goals, one day at a time.

This morning I baked breakfast muffins and I even placed them on a serving pedestal that I typically only use “for company” because why shouldn’t my family and I enjoy it as well? It’s never to late to start!



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