The Day After

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today was my first day off the cleanse. I drank my first cup of coffee in ten days! I refrained from my habit of drinking multiple cups first thing in the morning and limited myself to one after breakfast. I decided to have another cup around 2:30pm but I ended up only drinking a few sips as I really didn’t need it. I am trying to be more mindful of what I am consuming and why I want it. I am hoping this will keep in check. 

I didn’t push myself too hard in spin class since the instructor did extra cardio in the strength class before it and I was a little tired from that. After class, I went food shopping for a Cinco de Mayo-inspired dinner.  I made turkey tacos using a Rachael Ray recipe I found on Food Network and some lime slushies (fresh limes, water, ice, and stevia). 


Hopefully I will not have gained back everything I lost on the cleanse. But I figure my metabolism should be in order and I have to learn to start eating/exercising in a way that I can live with it.

Until Next Time,



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