FMC – Day 9

Well I woke up this morning to another pleasant sight on the scale – 114.6 lbs. Mind you, when I weighed myself a second time later in the day, it was 116.6 lbs, but I believe you are supposed to track your weight first thing in the morning with no clothes. So that’s what I am going by!

Today’s menu introduces more food much like the beginning days of the cleanse — 3 shakes, 1 meal, and 1 snack. I prepared one of Haylie Pomroy’s recipes for dinner, Brown Rice Fusilli, and it was very tasty. I used gluten-free pasta which I never had before and it tasted very close to to the real thing. I felt full quickly so I stopped eating when I felt satisfied as I need to drink one more shake for the day. Trust me, when it comes to pasta, I am rarely satisfied with one small portion! I hope this means that the cleanse is adjusting my mind as well as my body to understand how much fuel my body really needs.

I am bittersweet about tomorrow being my last day on the cleanse! I have been feeling very happy that I committed to doing it, followed it, and succeeded at it. I am afraid of how I will move forward without such a regimented plan but I guess I will find out!

Until Next Time,



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