FMC – Day 7

Overall, today was a very good day because it is the last day where I can only drink shakes for your meal and because my morning weigh-in was 116.4. I stuck to the 5 shakes of the cleanse for each meal and ate a salad before my lunch shake and a baked sweet potato before my dinner shake. The last shake was hard to finish but I drank most if it. I am anxious to see what the weigh-in will be tomorrow.

I joined the Facebook community of people starting the cleanse today. I was supposed to start today as well but I am glad that I started it when I did. I think the time was right since my head was really into it and I think that is half the battle. Reading other people’s posts and cheering them on also helps me to stay on track. I know I will stay focused until Monday. It’s after Monday that I am unsure about it.

Until Next Time,



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