FMC – Day 5

So this is the first of three 5-shakes days and I am determined to get through the next 3 days. Once on Day 8, one meal is reintroduced; on Day 9, two meals; and, on Day 10, 3 meals. This morning’s weigh-in was 117.4, a little more than yesterday (maybe it was last night’s sweet potato!) but I expect a little fluctuation from day to day. I keep trying to keep my overall goal in mind. I want to cleanse my body so that I can that I can improve my overall health and fitness and hopefully reset the set point of 120 lbs. that my body always seems to want to remain at.

I am consistently amazed by the fact that I do not feel hungry or weak. As of 2:30pm, all I ate was three shakes (breakfast, meal, snack) and a handful of carrots. I was even at the dentist for over two hours around my normal lunchtime and still felt good. I hope to learn from this when I go back to “normal” eating by eating more protein in the morning, more vegetables, and watching my portions.

I am looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow!

Until Next Time,



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