FMC – Day 4

Well here I am at Day 4.  Today’s morning weigh-in was 117.0 lbs. Today my mind and body feels slightly different from the prior three days, and in a good way. I seem to have a lot of energy and I don’t feel ravenously hungry. I think the 21g protein in each shake must really hold you over. My headache and craving for coffee is almost gone. I even made a pot of coffee for my husband this morning and I did not yearn for a cup! Of course, after the cleanse is over, I will probably drink coffee again but I am going to make a concerted effort to limit myself to two cups per day.

I have noticed that at times I feel extra warm or extra cold. This is listed as a possible side effect so I am not alarmed. I did attend a 45-min strength training class after breakfast and felt well enough to attend my usual spin class afterwards. However, I decided to work a little less than usual and left after 30 minutes (class is 45 minutes) since I wasn’t sure how my body would respond on this “4-shakes-for-meals” day.

I now finished my fourth shake of the day for dinner and I also ate a baked sweet potato which is on the list of allowed unlimited veggies. I am pleasantly surprised that I do not feel more hungry but I have to gear up for the next 4 days where the menu is 5 shakes/day. WIsh me luck!

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