FMC – Day 2

My morning weigh-in was 118.2 lbs. Two pounds lost already! Talk about motivation. Unfortunately, the euphoria did not last long as since I am suffering from a caffeine-withdrawal headache! Nevertheless I drank my breakfast shake and went to spin class. I felt a little light-headed during a tough section of the class but it was fleeting and I felt good when class ended. I drank another shake for my snack when I got home.

Today’s menu was more food based as I was able to have last night’s chili for lunch, a veggie/protein snack, and chicken for dinner. I am following the sample menus outlined in the Fast Metabolism Cleanse booklet and trying some of the recipes. I discovered I can drink herbal tea which is great. I do miss my coffee and I still have a headache. I am a little worried if I can make it through the days where I can only drink shakes for each of my meals but I am determined to try.

Has anyone else tried Haylie Pomroy’s cleanse or any other cleanse?

Until Next Time,



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