FMC – Day 1

A successful day! Today’s menu consisted of 2 shakes, 2 meals, and 1 snack. The shakes actually taste okay and they are a nice consistency so they are easy to drink. I do add some stevia and cinnamon as Haylie suggests. Surprisingly, I did not miss my daily coffee but I drank hot water with lemon whenever I wanted a cup.

My morning weigh-in was 120.2 lbs. This is a weight I seem to hover at consistently. Sometimes I am a little more, sometimes a little less but it always seems to settle back at this number.  I am 5’0″ tall and I have always heard that a female should weigh 100 lbs. at 5′ and add 5 lbs. for every additional inch. However, I believe that 100 lbs. would be too low for me so I am shooting for somewhere between 108 and 110 lbs.

I also made the turkey chili slow-cooker recipe included in the plan. It wasn’t ready until 7:00pm so I was very hungry by then but I did find it satisfying. Overall, Day 1 was a success!

Until Next Time,



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